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CTS will be extending our service area to your neighborhood soon. We are reaching out to give you information on how this process will impact your community, and to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders!  Installations will not be completed until after construction has wrapped up, but earlier orders will be given priority.  Order now at www.ctstelecom.com/myfiber!

Our company strives to minimize the visual and structural impact of our network builds. The installation method we use is referred to as “directional boring”. In the directional boring process, a bore machine creates points of entry at residents’ property lines and provides a trenchless method of installing underground conduit and fiber cabling in front of all residents. We call this fiber cabling a “trunk”. While the directional boring installation method is the least invasive method available, some landscaping will have to be disturbed. Our company will take full responsibility for restoring all affected areas.

The bore machine engine sounds similar to a diesel truck, and we only install during the day, so you can expect minimal noise issues throughout the process. Due to the bore machine’s size, we may need to create one-way traffic lanes in the construction areas. If one-way traffic is required, workers will direct traffic using flags and cones as necessary.

The entire trunk installation process will occur during the spring/summer months. Once services are ordered at a home, we will use an installation method called “vibratory plowing” to bring fiber cabling from our trunk into the requested homes. The vibratory plowing method of installation uses a blade that creates a small cut in the soil surface. The fiber is then pushed into the cut soil. CTS will be responsible for any potential restoration with this portion of the installation as well.

Once a home is connected to CTS fiber, it will have access to the fastest and most reliable Internet services in Southwest Michigan. You will also receive the benefit of working with a local provider that answers your call. Our main line is answered by a person 24x7x365 so even though most customers don’t ever NEED to call us, we will be there when you do.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact CTS by emailing businessdevelopment@ctstelecom.com. If you would like to sign up for periodic notifications about the project, you can text gocts to 22828 or sign up online at gocts.com/myfiber/get-updates.

We look forward to working with your community!