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stage 4

  1. Bringing Fiber to your Home (Drop)

Our Fiber-optic cable will be buried from the pedestal to your home. This is called a “drop” and will be a minimally invasive procedure.

(A few words about MISS DIG: CTS uses the MISS DIG system to notify existing utilities to locate and mark their facilities on the ground with paint and flags.  Miss Dig will not mark underground sprinkling systems, dog fences, exterior standalone lighting or other private buried facilities with no public record. It is advisable for homeowners with such systems to mark these if possible. Construction crews have repair parts with them and will fix any unmarked sprinkler lines that may be damaged during construction. If the damage is not immediately apparent and you find it later, please call us at 269-746-4411.)

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Project Stages

1) Account Creation (Online order at www.gocts.com/myfiber)
2) Network Infrastructure Buildout (Trunk)
3) Surveying your Home
4) Bringing Fiber to your Home (Drop)
5) Splicing your Home’s Fiber into our Network
6) Mounting gear in your home and Turn-Up