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For the benefit of business and organizations, CTS Telecom maintains a presence in several of the country’s largest data centers. This allows our dedicated data transport circuits to connect your local site to locations in the state, across the country or around the world. Copper Ethernet or fiber handoffs are both accommodated.

Multiple configurations

These circuits are ideal for our multisite clients. Engineers are ready to tailor a transport network solution for your business. Your options include:

Flexible arrangements

Many of our partners use a dedicated data transport circuit as part of their cloud backup or colocation. This sends their data quickly and securely over a private network that operates on a point-to-point basis:


How would you define Ethernet solutions?

For businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, Ethernet services deliver network connectivity over short- and long-distance circuits for termination on either fiber- or copper-based local infrastructures. Depending on the size of your network or the number of destinations to which you need to send data, you can specify a point-to-point connection (i.e., one office to another) or a hub-and-spoke system (i.e., one centralized office connecting many). Hub-and-spoke solutions are also termed point-to-multipoint systems.

Looking at it another way, a business Ethernet solution is a multi-purpose network, that:

Advantages to business Ethernets include:

To summarize, Ethernet solutions serve businesses and organizations as a “network-on-demand.” With one, users can:

What is an EPL or Ethernet Private Line?  An EPL lets you send data from one location to another faster and more securely via a private network. You retain a unified Ethernet protocol from point-to-point. Delivering secure, high-performance connections between two sites, it serves as a modern alternative to traditional TDM private lines. EPLs also replace older packet technologies like frame relays.

By opting for an EPL as an Ethernet solution for your business or organization, you can:

What is an EP-LAN or Ethernet Private LAN?

An EP-LAN allows multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity for businesses or organizations that need to connect all their locations on one network. With it, clients enjoy high speed, simplicity and flexibility in a cost-effective and easily customizable Ethernet solution.

With its high capacity, an EP-LAN serves as an Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) that extends a Local Area Network (LAN) to a Metro or Wide Area Network. The benefits? Your business-critical data and applications can travel seamlessly across the entire network. An EP-LAN can transport very large amounts of information between sites — quickly and securely.

What is an EVPL or Ethernet Virtual Private Line?

An Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) delivers critical high-speed point-to-multipoint connectivity for businesses or organizations with a headquarters office and multiple branch locations. Users can streamline and simplify network management with configuration options in support of the branches.

Like an Ethernet Private Line service, an EVPL offers an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) between three or more locations. One key difference?  An Ethernet Virtual Private Line also enables multiplexing multiple services (EVCs) on a single User-to-Network Interface (UNI) at your headquarters or another hub.

Data Transport CTS

Take the next step with Business Data Transport 

Building our own network means we are empowered to deliver more innovative solutions. With our ability to offer point-to-point and point-to-multipoint business Ethernet circuits directly to our partners, CTS Telcom can give your business its own private data superhighway. Call us today at 800-627-5287 to find out more. We Answer the Call!